On Oral Sex.

Since I was a mature teen (we’re talking 18 years old here), I have always really enjoyed performing oral sex. I would happily go down on my boyfriends of my late adolescence and early twenties. I approached it with curiosity, enthusiasm to please and it turned me on. Even with sporadic hook-ups, giving head was […]

On not asking me enough questions.

So I have been on four dates with this pretty eccentric fellow. He is smart, interesting and likes to talk a lot. He is also kind, affectionate and a pretty good lover. I learned this after our third date, when we had a sleepover.  Our fourth date was this past week. He came over for […]

On Irritability.

I am in the worst mood today. The truth is I haven’t eaten. I haven’t been to acupuncture in three weeks. I have a persistent cold. I feel clogged up internally. My head hurts. I’m bloated. Work is overwhelming. The season has changed and like clockwork I’m slowly becoming more introverted and anti-social. I am […]

On Companionship.

For the past year or so, I have kind of been coming to terms with the fact that I am interested in something more serious and long-term when it comes to the world of relationships and romance. I’ve also been telling my friends: “I am ready for love!”, fully aware of the cheesy-ness that accompanies […]