On Irritability.

I am in the worst mood today. The truth is I haven’t eaten. I haven’t been to acupuncture in three weeks. I have a persistent cold. I feel clogged up internally. My head hurts. I’m bloated. Work is overwhelming. The season has changed and like clockwork I’m slowly becoming more introverted and anti-social.

I am forgoing a meeting I have tomorrow evening for acupuncture because I really need it. I’m addicted to acupuncture, but the way. I go bi-weekly at the Toronto Acupuncture Studio, and when I haven’t gone for a while I get cranky. Like today. It’s been three weeks. My chi is stuck and needs to be flowing. I feel stuck in so many senses of the word.

I have a condition called “Damp Heat”, which accounts for my irritability. When you go see any traditional Chinese medicine practitioner or a naturopath, they always ask you about your permanent state of mood. Before I started acupuncture, mine was irritability. According to this guy I went out with once, “damp heat” is one of the worst conditions in traditional Chinese medicine. My interpretation is that I’m too mouldy on the inside (constant yeast infections and Candida in my body), and my basic cleansing organs (liver, spleen) are constantly in overdrive (hence the heat) and never get a chance to rest. They are in over-drive because they are sluggish. Why? Years of greasy food, alcohol, and medication (I was on antibiotics for years as a teenager for my acne- killed off all the good bacteria in my body). The way that “damp heat” manifests in my body is endless…but I’m often super fatigued and run-down. So not fun. I’m only thirty!

How am I supposed to get rid of “damp heat”? I’m supposed to cut out coffee, alcohol, spicy and greasy foods from my diet. I’m supposed to eat cooling foods instead. I’m supposed to have way more vegetables, beets, whole foods and supplements that get your bowels flowing smoothly. I did a detox last December for one month. It felt amazing. The things I noticed immediately: less body odour; my shit stopped smelling; and my mood was so much better.

Oh and exercise. I am supposed to exercise regularly.

I know these things. I know what my body and mind needs. I just need to be more disciplined at it. So that I never have to have a day like today.

I’m going to blow my nose and go to yoga to start the process of being un-stuck.

Hopefully next time I write I’ll be less irritable.


2 thoughts on “On Irritability.

  1. I know the topic (and experience) of irritability can be tough, but I really admire you for sticking through it and pursuing all all the lifestyle things that make your life better. In my life coaching work, this is something I always try to support my clients in doing, and I loved to be inspired by other people who are doing it 🙂

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