On the body at Thirty.

  1. I need to do twice as much exercise to build muscle.
  2. I have a few white hairs, including amongst by eyebrows.
  3. I actually have to limit what I eat and drink if I care about maintaining my weight.
  4. I have developed a bit of a widow’s peak, particularly on the left side where my part lies. This is terribly unnerving. I fear I’m going to lose my hair and be one of those middle-aged ladies that are growing bald.
  5. My muscles get really soar after intense exercise.
  6. My knees hurt a lot when I put pressure on them. I fear they are slowly deteriorating.
  7. I’m becoming intolerant to alcohol.
  8. My skin has become really dry, and it’s not even Winter.
  9. I have developed noticeable cellulite on the back of my thighs. I used to pride myself on fairly cellulite-free legs, sporting short shorts without any hesitation.
  10. The flesh beneath my chin has become softer. I have started doing a double-take each time I look in the mirror, because it always looks like I have the markings of a double chin. And it’s not weight gain; in fact this is the thinnest I’ve been in years.

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