On Ok Cupid.

…The third time around. Yup I’ve been an on and off online dater since 2007 I think. I’ve converted plenty of friends to online dating, and in particular the world of Ok Cupid (my site of choice).

However, this time around I had plenty of criticisms. One being that the online community in Toronto had gotten much smaller…When I started seeing profiles of guys I knew in the “real world”, I started to get a little bit turned off. These guys included: guys I had slept with; room-mates of ex-lovers; and an assortment of male acquaintances I had met in Toronto throughout the years. I can’t walk down Bloor Street without running into a guy whose profile I have seen on Ok Cupid, or worse yet a guy whose message I never responded too, or even worse yet, a guy I messaged whom never wrote me back. I think the most violated I felt in terms of privacy was when I saw my neighbour online; this guy that I had shared a wall with for over 2 years now had access to my online dating profile and I really wouldn’t care to share that sort of information with this individual!

It’s not that I’m embarrassed that I have an online profile; I’m a public and ardent advocate for online dating! But it’s just that I preferred it when it was a little more anonymous and I think you all do too.

Case in point: Tonight, this male Toronto acquaintance  of mine messages me on FB and says: “Dude. Sorry. I think I accidentally starred you on OKC.” …

He was clearly embarrassed. He thought I had seen him “rating” my profile. And he felt the need to tell me.  If the online dating world in Toronto has become so much smaller, where do I turn to next for meeting men? The Bar?

Yeah, right.


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