On Dating in your Thirties.

I’m learning very quickly that dating in your Thirties is a whole different ballgame. People are much more likely going to state what they’re looking for at the outset: on the first date; or on their online dating profile! And, if you don’t fall within the parameters of their criteria, you don’t really have a […]

On Text Messages.

How is it that I’m Thirty years old and I’m still: – Asking 4¬†friends what they think about me texting the guy first after our first date – Writing 2 different drafts of the text message to my girlfriend before sending it out – Running his response text by 4 friends – Reacting super sensitively […]

On Recognizing Happiness.

We go through life in a state of “suffering”. I’m not trying to be dramatic; this is really the human condition. Buddhists say that life is suffering or dukha, commonly translated as “dissatisfaction” or “unease”. We spend our lives trying to work through this “suffering”. It doesn’t mean life is grim, painful, empty and therefore […]

On not acting out of fear.

If you read my first blog post ever, On Companionship, you’ll note that this year I’m truly open to the possibility of love.¬†At the same time, I don’t expect it to happen anytime soon and have decided that along the way I need companionship, which includes dates, new friendships and sex. Part of being open, […]

On Sleepovers.

What’s the general rule of thumb around sleepovers? On my last date, my date and I had sex. I live alone. The date was at my apartment. We finished at around 12:30pm. I had work the next day. My date was a student, and therefore less concerned with being alert during the hours of 9 […]