On “coming out”

I couldn’t agree with this more. Being child-free is the new gay. I’m sharing this with my friends. Every time I bring up the fact that I don’t want kids to friends, colleagues or relatives, they look at me aghast or say “Whoa, that’s something I didn’t know about you!” It really does feel like I’ve come out of the closet somehow and they view me differently. Oh and remember how I was shunned by neighbourhood guy for not wanting kids?? Love this new revelation. Thanks thebitterbabe.



For a little while now, I’ve felt like being childfree is the new gay. It’s an alternative lifestyle that is a major societal taboo and unaccepted by many, many people. We aren’t allowed to talk about it. We aren’t supposed to own up to it. And we definitely aren’t allowed to be thrilled about our choices. Many of us pretend to be something we’re not just to fit in a little.

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