On New Year’s Resolutions.

I haven’t drunk alcohol for about three weeks now and I haven’t drunk coffee since the second week of November! Why? Well, I’m kind of giving my liver and spleen a break from having to process some of these toxic substances, but in general I’d like to be healthier. I haven’t been craving either substance, although I have looked longingly at cups of espresso and bottles of Malbecs and Bordeauxs that my parents have been dining with in front of me over the holidays.

My plan is to kind of keep going into the New Year, at least for the first few months of 2013. Do you think it will possible?

I wonder if the not drinking will affect my social life- will I stop enjoying going out to bars? Will I leave early at parties? Will I become anti-social?

Whatever happens, I’m kind of excited! My mood is generally better as is my skin, and my energy levels have been higher. I’m started to actualize my vision board! That exercise was so powerful! Here’s to keeping New Year’s Resolutions!


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