On Being Single at Thirty-One. Hello 2014!

I am a Thirty-one year old single woman who  loves her life the way it is. I have so many creative pursuits.  I have my own cozy little apartment that’s a constant art project in progress. I have a fulfilling career. I cultivate deep and profound friendships, of which I have so many. I am […]

On a letter to a lover.

Dear S. It’s been just under two months and we’ve had such an intense and bumpy beginning. I’ve spent the weekend intellectualizing and trying to analyze our dynamic and unresolvable tensions with my friends. Worrying where this is going. Why we can’t seem to give each other what we need. What gets lost in the […]

On the first day of the rest of your life.

February 13th was my last day of work. Yes, I resigned. Brave? Irresponsible? Weak? How would you describe it? My burnout symptoms were manifesting themselves deeply in my body. My body has been aching, I have been sleeping and the smallest task was starting to feel like it needed a huge amount of energy. I’ve […]

On glimmers of hope.

I want to document the mood I’m in right now. Because I haven’t experienced it for a while. And because I’m aware that it might be fleeting, and I might forget that I was ever in it. I feel good. I just came from a dinner with two of my closest friends. I was really […]

On New Year’s Resolutions.

I haven’t drunk alcohol for about three weeks now and I haven’t drunk coffee since the second week of November! Why? Well, I’m kind of giving my liver and spleen a break from having to process some of these toxic substances, but in general I’d like to be healthier. I haven’t been craving either substance, […]

On Vision Boards.

So I created a vision board this weekend for my year of 2013. It’s not totally finished; I’m waiting for a few more bold words to come my way to include. But, here it is. I think it’s beautiful. It’s meant to inspire me. It’s supposed to be raw, and vulnerable so that I remember […]

On not acting out of fear.

If you read my first blog post ever, On Companionship, you’ll note that this year I’m truly open to the possibility of love. At the same time, I don’t expect it to happen anytime soon and have decided that along the way I need companionship, which includes dates, new friendships and sex. Part of being open, […]