On the first day of the rest of your life.

February 13th was my last day of work. Yes, I resigned. Brave? Irresponsible? Weak? How would you describe it? My burnout symptoms were manifesting themselves deeply in my body. My body has been aching, I have been sleeping and the smallest task was starting to feel like it needed a huge amount of energy. I’ve […]

On Recognizing Happiness.

We go through life in a state of “suffering”. I’m not trying to be dramatic; this is really the human condition. Buddhists say that life is suffering or dukha, commonly translated as “dissatisfaction” or “unease”. We spend our lives trying to work through this “suffering”. It doesn’t mean life is grim, painful, empty and therefore […]

On Irritability.

I am in the worst mood today. The truth is I haven’t eaten. I haven’t been to acupuncture in three weeks. I have a persistent cold. I feel clogged up internally. My head hurts. I’m bloated. Work is overwhelming. The season has changed and like clockwork I’m slowly becoming more introverted and anti-social. I am […]